Friday, September 6, 2013

There is light after the tunnel

I arrived to NYC two weeks ago. How can I summarize all the things I have experienced until now? There are no words to define how amazing working at EMC is being. Yesterday, a young girl came to the Queens office looking for the abortion pill. She was only 17 years old. Pamela was scared and confused. She was worried about her parents because they didn’t know that she was pregnant. She was the youngest of a big family with ten brothers and sisters. Her father, actually, had passed away several years ago, and her mom was 72 years old. She didn’t feel good about what her family, specially her mom, would think about her… We talk to her, we tried to calm her and we encourage Pamela to talk to her mother. We encourage her to keep the baby.... She was catholic, so we also explained her that the baby was a son of God. She went out of the office with the propose of keeping the baby and talk to her mom about all. This is the best gift I have had until now.

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