Thursday, September 5, 2013

Now my tears are tears of joy

I have two more weeks left in the United States and now it’s time to think. What have I learned from this experience? How am I going to get to the others this message of life?

I already know that   some friends will ask me about what I have done here and if I think it is worthy to spend two months of my summer doing prolife activities. Possibly, I will answer them with this story.

One day we were at Stanton arranging things to close the office because it was the end of the workday. Then, a young girl arrived. She said that she had been that morning in Planned Parenthood (right next door to us) asking for an abortion but she hadn’t 600$ to pay for it. She also said that in her way back home, crying because of her situation, she decided to come to Stanton asking for help. At the middle of this story she started crying. We could only offer her some counseling so that’s what we did. After some time talking she ended saying:
“I know that abortion is killing my baby. I know that it is not right, but truly everybody is encouraging me to take an abortion and I don’t have any support. Until now I thought I was alone. Now I know that I was not right, in fact, God is with me. And I won’t let the evil to win this battle, to win this baby."

This young lady went out of the office really happy and giving a lot of thanks and saying: Now my tears are tears of joy. 

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