Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rain Won't Stop Me!

       Today we had some pretty bad weather, a lot of rain and wind.  But that didn't stop the clinic from taking in 12 women to have abortions.  And that wont stop me from being there to sidewalk counsel.

       I have to be there for them, I must give them the hope that they so desperately need.  While I am there I pray 6-10 Rosaries and 3-6 Chaplets of Divine Mercy.  I offer them free Rosaries and a card of the Divine Mercy and about half of the women take it.  I pray for an interior conversion and that they decide to choose life not only for themselves but also for their child.

       Thank you so much for reading my blog and again please keep me in your prayers!!! Thanks and God Bless.

         Brian Petry        

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