Saturday, January 31, 2015

Training week

This week Kathy, Lory and Nicole have been training me for the job that I have to do along the three next months. Now, I know how to talk and over all, listen to the people who come to our offices. Also, I saw how the sonogram Works. It is unbeliable!! You can see the babies and them heartbeat. This is great becouse the mothers can see her baby and a lot of them think about keep the baby. Is a great tool in this job.

I am still adapting to this city, becouse the subway and the buses system is not that easy. It just crazy!!! i have been doing well the entire week, but today I have had some problems with this, so I need to keep studying how to move in this huge city.

Please, keep praying for the babies and their mothers. Also for us, of course :)


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