Thursday, September 10, 2009

Counseling Couples

At times, working with couples can be tough especially when one or both of them want to have an abortion.
Today, one of the couples that we counseled both came in very sure about having an abortion but after a long talk with the girl she was very open to better things for her and her child.
When her boyfriend came into the room to watch the videos that we show about abortion procedures, he was very closed minded to the idea of keeping the child. By the end of the last video he was very upset and he was not listening to anything we were trying to say. Also, by that time I was upset too. At some point I wasn´t as polite as I should have been, and the guy started yelling at me and cursing at me in retaliation. However, for some reason God gave me the strength to stand up to him and ask for respect for me and the place. The funny thing is that the guy is big, but I for some reason wasn´t afraid, and I think that the reason was that God was there the whole time.
Anyway, I learned that as a counseler, we should try to be polite at all times and to also ask for respect in return.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with you since abortion is in itself is not good for any one since it take life of little one who not even see this world.

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